The Life Worth Living project has had its meaningful impact also in Italy, and specifically in Sicily where the CSC Danilo Dolci operates, being it one of the organizations that is part of this thrilling path of discovery of the approach of the project.

Indeed, in the green countryside of Palermo, Sicily, twelve chosen educators and principals gathered for the second retreat of the Life Worth Living project on April 13th and 14th. This initiative, rooted in the European Union's dedication to promoting personal growth and social cohesion, centered once again on collaboration and shared learning as its foundational principles.

This retreat was the second successful one, as it followed the first gathering in February (17th and 18th), which addressed foundational life questions like “To whom are we responsible?” and “How do I act?” Additionally, a prior meeting in Palermo focused on the theme of hope. The second retreat instead aimed to explore deeper existential questions such as “What is the role of suffering in a good life?” and “What should I do when I fail?”. The quiet and natural setting allowed educators and principals to engage in meaningful reflection and dialogue.

The Life Worth Living project emphasizes the significance of holistic education in cultivating resilient and empathetic individuals. By engaging educators in profound discussions about life’s fundamental questions, the project aims to enhance their ability to foster resilience, empathy, active listening, and critical thinking in their life and as a domino effect also on their students.

Participants, in both retreats, took part in various structured activities and interactive workshops including group dialogues using non-formal methods, storytelling sessions, nature walks, and small games, all encouraging participants to examine their beliefs, values, and attitudes toward life's essential experiences and feelings.

The retreat's success was marked not only by the depth of discussions but also by the strengthened bonds among participants. Through shared experiences and empathetic listening, educators found common ground and mutual support, paving the way for ongoing collaboration and personal and professional development.

Aligned with the European Union’s vision of an inclusive and sustainable future, the Life Worth Living project embodies the EU commitment to fostering personal growth and well-being. Through initiatives like these retreats in Sicily, and other partner countries, educators across Europe are equipped to cultivate the next generation of global citizens who are resilient, empathetic, and purpose-driven.

The next phase of the project will involve the same group tackling two more questions, “How does a good life feel?” and “What is a life worth living?” at an upcoming meeting in Palermo and a concluding two-day meeting in Belgium, which will bring together all the European groups participating to the same approach.

Further updates will be provided soon. For more information, visit the project platform LIFE, which offers learning units and materials for both the retreats and online learning modules, allowing participants to stay connected throughout the learning journey:

Project Number: KA220-SCH-39808481

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